Important  Please re-register your profiles


The Cleveland Browns Office and I are asking All Browns Backers for a small favor that should only take about 5 minutes of your time. At the beginning of the season, the Cleveland Browns installed a new portal to the website, specifically for all Browns Backer clubs. In doing so, we asked all members to re-register your Backer profiles and to select your club affiliation. (Cin-Day Lucky Dawgs). If you are a new member, you must do this as well. Why didn't they just convert all profiles from the old system to the new system? (Many of you may ask). There's a long story behind this, but without going into a lot of details it turns out there were many reasons and advantages to just starting fresh. Everyone will receive a new registration number and you can even print out your official membership card right from the web site. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to re-activate your profile and replenish our official roster on the Browns website. We certainly appreciate it!

Here is a Link to get you into the site and started:

Once you have successful logged in, please follow the steps below to join a local Browns Backers Club.

￿         Click on 'My Dashboard'

￿         If you have not done so already, click 'Finish My Profile'

o    NOTE: You will not be able to join a club until your profile is fully completed.

￿         You can also complete your profile by clicking 'My Dashboard' then 'Edit my Profile'.

￿         Once your profile is completed in its entirety, click on the Backer Tracker at the top of the page.

￿         You can search for a club by zip code, state, OR country. (Mason zip code is 45040)

o    NOTE: If you are searching by state or country, the zip code field must not be filled in.

o    You can also access the Backer Tracker by clicking My Dashboard then Search for Clubs

￿         After searching for a club by zip code, state, or country, a list of clubs within that proximity will appear in a list below.

￿         Click on the specific club you choose to join.

￿         Once the Club Profile has appeared, click on Join this Club

￿         The club President will be notified that there is a request to join their club. Once they have accepted you, you will receive an email notifying you that you are an active member of the club.